Helena Aleksandrova (b.1992, Friday the 13th November ) 

I am a Helsinki-based artist and director from St.Petersburg. I work with the moving image, digital performance, genre cinema and site-specificity. I often use visually rich scenography in my works, inspired by camp and vintage aesthetics. Humour and female sexuality are frequent elements of my works as well. In my practice I research the ways we use audiovisual languages as the means of communication. 

I got my Bachelor's degree in 2014 from Smolny College, St.Petersburg State University, which is supported by Bard College. I also hold a second degree from Bard College. In the Bachelor studies, I was majoring in Film and Video. I received my Master's degree from Aalto University in the program of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art. In 2018 Finnish Cultural Foundation awarded me a working grant. In 2019, I was a participant of the Academy of Moving People and Images where I focused on deconstructing the genre of Giallo.


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Helena Aleksandrova