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'(almost) full memory',

group exhibition 'THE CREW: Taco stuffs and life 'after' the institution'

Galleria Huuto

10.10. - 03.11.2019


The photography is in its crisis of overload. With  millions of digital photographs and videos uploaded everyday the visual medium of a camera seems to be a universal language. A hunger to be aesthetic and original comes from the desire to keep these photo-memories viewable. In the installation I work with 2 trips I took once - one lasted for 3 weeks and one lasted for 2 months. In both trips I took different approaches in documenting the experience - drawing a diary, taking film and digital photos or embroidery the memory. In the drawings I always drew myself first as the clothes are a natural memory milestone in my life. In the second trip with a pressure of tourism photography being presentable and sight-seeing orientated,  I was running away in the opposite direction. I was documenting everything I saw. I created an enormous photo archive that I hardly even went through again. I am waiting for the day my memory gets finally full as my devices promise me daily. I’ll have all the time to look through the photos and choke on the nostalgia.


Part of the work was created during a working period supported by Suomen Kulttuurirahasto.

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